How it works

Metal Madness is a sport shooting game that will get you hooked.

Whatever your skill level or age

Metal Madness competitors shoot one lane at a time, each lane with shoot plates in a specific order. Shoot plate orders are randomized before each match.

Scoring is time based, plus penalties for missed plates or shooting plates out of sequence. With misses costing 2 seconds each, hitting plates in the proper order is extremely important. The eight fastest times from 10 lanes fired are added together for each shooter’s bracket time. To put up a top score in Metal Madness, you must have seriously good speed and accuracy skills.

Shooters are all Rimfire and are classified into Open and Stock classes, and are further subdivided into brackets such as pistol, rifle, etc. Each bracket is comprised of NRA-styled classifications for High Master, Master, Expert, Sharpshooter and Marksman.

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